Wednesday, 16 September 2009

London Cup - First Round 20/09/09

This weekend will see the first round of the London Youth Cup. This cup still holds prestige among many clubs in and around London. However many of the top sides in the Kent Youth League are now not entering this competition due to their domestic league and two cup competions proving too much of a committment to maintain the fixtures.

However Bexley, SelKent and Kent Youth League teams have historically done well in this cup.

In the Under 11's Bexley League SelKent representatives are:

Hillyfielders b Falcons v Bexley
Millwall Albion b v Thamesmead Town White
Wandle Wanderers v Thamesmead Town Green
Phoenix Sports b Cougars v Moonshot

Last Season's winners are Whetstone Wanderers Tigers FC

In the Under 13's Bexley SelKent representatives are:

Teviot Rangers Junior a Blue v Rap-Aid Youth
Parkwood Rangers a Cobras v Beckenham Youth
Crayford Arrows v Red Lion Boys Club
Birchmere v Petts Wood b Hawkes
Orpington a v Prostar
Petts Wood a Eagles v Victoria Park United
Lewisham b Green v Glebe a Kent
Footscray Lions Junior a v All Stars United
Meridian Sports v Orpington b
Bexley v Wandle Wanderers b
Bromley v Dulwich Magic Wizards
Welling United v Villacourt Rovers a Yellow
Tulse Hill Junior b v Beacons a Reds
Bromleians Youth W v L Long Lane (Withdrawn)
Teviot Rangers b Red v Senrab
Afewee Urban v Hillyfielders b Falcons
Beckenham Town v Gridlockaz
Long Lane Tigers v Moonshot
Hillyfielders a Hawks v Interwood

Last Seasons winners are Dulwich Devils FC

Under 15's Bexley SelKent and Kent Youth League are:

Southwark Caribb Sports Academy v Griffin Sports C
Eltham Town B v Westward Boys
Leyton United v Crook Log
(Withdrawn) Phoenix Sports Club L v W Bromley
Culverley Rangers v Dartford
Glebe a Selkent v Wadham
Orpington a v Teviot Rangers a
Longwood v Villacourt Rovers b Blue
Hillyfielders v Samuel Montagu Youth Centre
Russellers v Freestyle
Hamsey Rangers Colts v Edmonton All Stars a
Bridon Ropes v Orpington
Millwall Albion v Meridian
Long Lane Junior v Villacourt Rovers a Yellow
Tulse Hill Junior v Orpington
Hackney RCC Borough v Griffin Sports Sp
Junior Reds b Knights v Haringey Borough
Parkwood Rangers a v Maiden

Last Season's winners are Dartford FC

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